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Three heads pass the 2010 NCAA and the current NFHS spec of the heads I have personally measured. The Warrior Outlaw and the Reebok 9K Career and 6K Ill.

I was reading the STX facebook page and they have two heads that causes me to think the nightmare scenario will happen. The Revolver is being made to meet the min NFHS spec and the Professor is being made Achat Kamagra Pas Cher to meet the min NCAA spec, but neither meet both. sooooooo Looks like the Professor has the min NCCA scoop width is 6 inches, which will fail the NFHS spec. The new Super Power, however, does meet both the new NCAA and current NFHS spec.

So store will have to deal with the confusion of what head to sell depending on the league rules the kid is playing in. I tell you one thing, I would not sell the STX Revolver or Professor, I guarantee, the stores will sell the wrong head to the unsuspecting player AND parent who will be ignorant of the rules. SO my guess, is that the STX Super Power will be STX best selling head again. I am glad Equipoise Racehorse to see the return of the Brine Edge, which I assume will be NFHS and NCAA legal.

Retail for Lax store is going to suck this year with many angry customers.


For all of you who think you head is legal because you measured it, it possible your individual head may pass, but I measured several heads from two different store on multiple occasions before and since this original post. My statement still stands. You may find an older, DISCONTINUED beginner head that might pass the 2010 spec, but that doesn't help a majority of players who do not own that discontinued head.

This is a list of CURRENTLY manufactured heads, ones you can buy from the stores TODAY. I don't care about older models since they are not readily available.

Prof. Mushroom found this article quoted below. The group decided on specifications that it hopes will allow the free dis lodgement of the ball, while allowing manufacturers flexibility in their "Comprar Gh Jintropin" designs. Additionally, by extending the effective date to 2010, the committee intent is to allow time for the adjustment.

considered a wide variety of options and ultimately have specifications that we believe will improve the game, said Willie Scroggs, senior associate athletics director at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and chair of the committee.

The committee is proposing specifications to "buy cheap jintropin online" require the crosse to be at least three inches wide at any point along the sidewalls when measured 1 inches from the throat of the crosse. At the five inch point, the crosse must be four inches when measured on the front of the crosse and 3 inches when measured on the back. The specification at the widest point of the crosse remains the same at 6 inches on the front and six inches on the back.

has become clear that the sticks are creating more physical play and that is a concern, Scroggs said. the crosse has become a large determining factor in faceoffs and these new specifications will bring the skill back to the faceoff. You will be given a "Failure to Search" infraction.

Read this thread first and then post a question or comment.

These new head specs apply to the NCAA, MCLA, and high school leagues that follow NCAA rules, like MIAA. As of the 2009 NFHS rules changes, updated recently, NFHS has NOT adopted the new head spec, yet. This may or may not apply to youth lacrosse, check with your local program.

Well I have not measured "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" a Juice in Primobolan Xbs 3 months, unless they changed the mold, which is possible, it was not even close. I see a problem with new old stock, someone will buy one from a store that was an 1st gen head and it will be found as illegal during a game and that kid/team will be penalized for something the manufacturer didn't do well.

Regarding the Spyne, I am trying to get one to measure myself. All I can say is remember the Evo Pros and Revo Pros most came out of the factory illegal, so I Masteron Landerlan am not making any assumptions.